It feels good not to have spent any time on Tumblr in the past few months.

Who would have guessed real world interaction is far superior!?

I’m finished with this place.

I came, I saw, I conquered,

I faded out of the limelight.

Love yall. Peace.


January 17, 2013

Stuck In Flesh

Subconscious Consciousness

Don’t Stop Believing

I haven’t been posting on Tumblr regularly for some time now, and I’ve lost a few followers because of it. I don’t feel too bad about that, but I do miss the connections I’ve made with people. I just haven’t felt like sharing. I’ve been focusing on real life connections with people, instead of trying to fill in a hole of loneliness online. I’ve done a lot of writing during this time (a novel, not short stories), so much so that I’m actually kind of tired of it. That’s why I’m getting into painting. What I really want to do is start composing music, but the instrument that I want to use is not yet released, so I am using painting as a way to keep my mind off the anticipation. I know I will write again, and that it’s probably my greatest skill (besides my inhuman ability to jump long distances), I’ve just basically exhausted everything that I think needs to be written at the moment. So I’m going to share my paintings (some of them are OK), if I decide to write something I might share that, but don’t count on it.

I’m getting back into painting.

"All You Need Is Love" – Paul McCartney, net worth: $800 million.



Philippa Rice, on Tumblr

Ugh. I am so in love with the idea of this life that this makes my heart feel like it is being squeezed. I am so sorry for who I want to be sometimes. This is one of those times.

I have this. It’s really special.

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(wrote a new cheese review!) Buffalo Cheese


One of the great gifts of cheese is that it allows for a whole new realm of tastes to be acceptable. Normally, one would never dream of eating something that smells like a sheet of glass that has just been cleaned with windex cleaner, but with cheese, you are invited to explore what would normally be considered potential poison, because somewhere in the back of your mind, you know someone deemed the cheese edible and fit for consumption when it was put up for sale on store shelves.

Now, as you all know, I am partial to sharp cheese. But this stuff was something different. It is sitting on a stuffed leather chair next to a fireplace stove illuminating richly finished mahogany furniture all around my eyes reading the daily news cross legged in khaki slacks and a tobacco pipe. It took me back to the days of studying by candle light. Back when you needed to go to the store to buy block ice for the “refrigerator” at home. Back when books and suspenders were in fashion. Back when artisans and craftsmen still populated the cities and those words meant something. When people listened to smooth jazz.

Let’s get down to business: this cheese tasted like a chemically sterilized creamy nut yogurt patty. It had a delicate smooth dense consistency.  The aftertaste was invasive. It didn’t go away. At times when my imagination was strong it tasted like I had just enjoyed a good bite of a delicious cheese burger. Other times it tasted like I had just downed a shot of bleach (I could even feel it in my nostrils). Most times it tasted like that, especially after successive bites. The rind was edible. It tasted like some sort of powdered laundry detergent and sometimes like a bite of stale bread when I was feeling playful. It had the consistency of cardboard that has been wetted and dried multiple times and looked like a fine piece of artisan bread patted down in flower. I chose this cheese because I have never tried cheese made from buffalo milk before (which I never even thought existed before I saw it)(I actually had quite a fun little bit of time imagining all of the other types of cheese could conceivably be out here: chicken cheese, giraffe cheese, platypus cheese, T-rex cheese! oh… so many creatures on Earth (alien cheese), I wonder what new types of worlds they would create with how they taste in cheese form)(I lamented at all of the extinct species, and all the terribly polluted environments of food animals are producing milk from and all the molds yet discovered hiding in caves).

Alright, so far I have ignored the beer that I decided to pair with this review. I saved this for last largely because I believe that cheese should be enjoyed as a pure experience (at least in terms of review): no wine, crackers, or anything like that. But beer is sometimes the exception for me. It was sweet and creamy – how I imagine an old flat can of root beer would taste after spending a year floating on the side of a creek rusting out in the forest. It was the perfect complement to this cheese. I knew I was getting myself into something special with this combination when I found it lost amidst a vertical sea of selection. The beer is called Samichlails, and it is hailed as the most extraordinary beverage in the world. Brewed only one day a year in Austria, this beer is one of the most rarest and alcoholic (14% alcoholic content by volume) beers in the world.

As the beer and cheese danced the tango on my tongue, I realized how precious both of these substances are. One forged from the baby food of an endangered species slaughtered by the millions by early American settlers, the other, a small family tradition carried on from father to son in some obscure little village once a year in Austria, I am forced to savor every moment my body’s senses spends with this beer and this cheese, and I forget the high price I paid for them. I get the impulse to rub my fingers back and forth as if some rare metal were between them and I were appraising it for some poor peasant to sell for next week’s dinner. Make no mistake about it: good beer and good cheese are microcosms of culture.



What’s Reddit?

The Front Page of the Internet!

… it would take a while to explain the finer details, but basically it’s a site where people post links, vote on the links, and comment on the links. It’s full of different sub forums (such as videos, pictures, bicycles, world news, writing, ext).  I spend a lot of time on it, it’s a great place for source material. But as far as submitting my work goes… it doesn’t seem like the best place. The writing community is full of angry neckbeards who are frustrated they can’t get published who mindlessly follow a few shallow rules for writing and downvote you to oblivion when you don’t appeal to their One True standard of “a well written story”. The cool thing about it is that you will always get long thought out responses (unlike tumblr). The bad part is that the responses are almost always negative just for the sake of being critical. Tumblr is supportive. Reddit will break you down.

If any of this appeals to you, here’s the link.

Wow I liked that, solid read, nice work mate.

Hey thanks man. I posted this on Reddit a few days ago and unanimously received negative feedback. The most positive thing that was said was “Abysmal. I couldn’t get past the second paragraph. You should really just do us all a favor and stop trying to write”… So it’s nice to hear someone liked it.

I don’t think I’m going to post on Reddit anymore. Tumblr is a lot more supportive. Yeah, fuck Reddit.

Golly that’s a harsh point to the story. but that’s life, huh?

Yeah. A lot of my writing has been pretty harsh lately. I don’t really like it, but I can’t control my mood.



Welcome to my brand new tumblr, Sonnets and Other Vices. I’ll be posting my newest works as well as some older pieces, and occasionally some interesting work from other poets.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to visit my website,, for more poetry.

You guys should think about following the girl I’m in love with.
She just started a Tumblr and she’s an amazing poet.

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